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Identify customer preferences, act on them, and share them with your team.


Service superstars know that it is not enough for only them to know preferences, they want everyone on their team to know. Whether it’s a preferred name or a food/beverage choice, acting on preferences helps to personalize the service experience.

During a recent taxi ride, I asked the driver to put the air conditioning to 72 degrees (Fahrenheit) and turn the radio to 95.5 FM, which is a popular radio station in the Washington DC Metro area. The next time I scheduled for that driver to pick me up, guess what the air conditioning was set to? You guessed it…72 degrees. And guess what radio station was already programmed? You guessed it…95.5 FM. Also on that trip, the driver noticed that I had a bottle of water with me as I left home. Guess what was in the backseat of the car the next time I rode with that driver?  You guessed it…a bottle of water. The even more significant part is that the driver shared my preferences with his fellow co-workers so that whenever I use that particular service, my preferences are acted upon (or at least acknowledged).


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