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  • Stand Up For Your Standards

    This article is not about your company’s standards. It’s not about your department’s standards or your team’s standards. This article is not even about what others expect of you. My sole purpose for this article is to write to you…about you. This will be about your own expectations and standards of yourself. How high are your standards? I’ve learned that the true benchmark of success is not who I can surpass, but how consistently I ...

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  • The Habit Maker

    Habits are not bad. Bad habits are bad. Having daily huddles with your team is a good habit. Learning your customers’ preferences is a good habit. Smiling when you answer the phone is a good habit. Anyone who is in a leadership role must become proficient at cultivating, encouraging, and sustaining GOOD habits. Everyone else Whenever I consult with clients, I always emphasize the importance of the leaders modeling what they want their staff to ...

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  • What is worse than negativity?

    I am convinced that one of the biggest problems in organizations is apathy. Even more than negativity. Negativity is obvious, therefore, can be addressed directly. Whereas, apathy can be masked. It can be subtle. Easy to overlook. Apathy can show up in many ways: chronic tardiness, no input in meetings (ever), giving the bare minimum (always). The list goes on and on. While apathetic staff can be toxic, infectious, and detrimental to a culture of ...

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  • Needing To Be Needed

    I was in a hotel gym recently running on the treadmill, and I noticed a man pacing back and forth talking loudly on his phone. He must have made 3 calls in less than 7 minutes. On every call he sounded agitated. After he hung up the last call, he got on the treadmill right next to me (lucky me). He then turned to me and said "I don't know what they would do without ...

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  • Deserve It

    There were so many times in my career when I should have been fired. No question. Times when it was perfectly logical, reasonable, and justifiable to let me go. Somehow, someway...countless people gave me opportunity after opportunity after opportunity. People believed in me, when I oftentimes gave them no reason to believe in me. Despite my shortcomings, I was rehabilitated, reformed and re-positioned to help others who may not look like they deserve it either....

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  • Keep The Customer

    United Airlines is now a case study for how not to treat customers. Especially paying customers…who are about to receive the serve they paid for…and are obviously unhappy about how they are being treated. There is so much to learn from this scenario. Horst Schulze, who is the former President and COO of the Ritz-Carlton (and one of my biggest influences) always said that rule #1 is to keep the customer. For any organization to ...

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  • Waiting To Be Led

    My friend, Kenny, and I had a great dialogue recently about leadership. While we may not agree on the necessity of leadership, we do agree that far too many people wait to be led by others. Each one of us already has the gifts, drive and experience needed to contribute in a meaningful and significant way.  Too many of us consistently wait to be prodded by someone else in order to move...and do...and be productive. ...

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  • Recognizing Excellence on Your Team

    Plaques. Pizza Parties. Parking Spaces. The list can go on and on. After all, who doesn't like to to be recognized and get prizes, right? There are even popular books that give hundreds of ways to recognize your employees. In the quest to provide employee recognition, companies often assume that more incentives will lead to higher employee morale.   Take it, like it & be happy about it.   In many companies, if you win ...

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  • Sacred Ground

    Oh, what a privilege it is to serve others. Whether you work in a hotel, restaurant, spa, club, conference center, etc, the purpose is the same: Consistently deliver exceptional service and create memorable experiences for those you serve. That's it. Treat. People. Well. Everyday. Regardless of who they are, or where they are from, or their gender, or age or race, or culture, or socio-economic status.  To serve at such a consistently high level, we need ...

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  • Smile, The Sun is Shining Through You

    The Smile. Powerful, yet underrated. Majestic, yet overlooked. The mere mention of the word, smile, makes you want You can literally feel someone's smile; whether it's in person, or on the phone, or via email. That is how powerful it is. Regardless of whether you smile with your mouth, eyes or even your whole body, please know that something (or someone) around you will feel it. Every time. It is one of the ...

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